Global Democracy Watch is a forum dedicated to assisting democracy builders and political activists around the world working to strengthen democracy.

Its mission is to help them:

  • Voice their concerns about the weakening of democratic institutions and processes, and the rise of increasingly authoritarian regimes.
  • Pool their knowledge, resources and strategies for strengthening democracies.
  • Join forces to combat efforts to suppress the exercise of civil, political and human rights.

These exchanges and dialogues will be facilitated by the site's online newspaper, Global Democracy Watch e-Newspaper, and the forthcoming Democracy Builders' Blog.

This website is sponsored by the Re-Invent Democracy Foundation.

The foundation is a partner of Swiss-based Re-Invent Democracy International (RDI).

The company is building a Global Social Network for Voters in Switzerland that will be accessible at

The mission of the network is to provide voters worldwide web-based tools and services for building voter-controlled online voting blocs, political parties and electoral coalitions.

Their members will be able to use the network's tools and services to build consensus, resolve conflicts, and elect democratically accountable governments.